Pebble Tech Pool Resurfacing Cost – How much does Pebble Tec resurfacing cost?

Pebble Technology International (otherwise known as Pebble Tech) is an award winning, 5-star pool resurfacing company.  Pebble Tec not only resurfaces pools, but also spas, hot tubs, and other household water fixtures.  Some of the top advantages to using Pebble Tec finishes are: 

The Highest Pebble Quality:   Pebble Tec owns its own rock quarries, so they are able to regulate their own pebble quality control to bring you the best types of pebble.  This also allows for the best color and texture selection for you.  With this kind of advantage, Pebble Tech will always be able to have your preferred color and texture pebble in stock.

An Original Formula:   Pebble Tec was the first to patent their unique, durable pebble finish in the U.S.  Their personal formula allows them to be able to offer you a color guarantee and a color selection of over 70 colors.  The extra P3 additive in their formula extends durability and color brightness, and is not available in other pebble finishes. 

The Top Customer Service:   Pebble Tech has been around for over 20 years, and was the first pebble finish company in America.  Over the years, they have been able to continue in the pursuit of excellence in pool finishes.  Pebble Tec insures their full-time customer support, staffed by only the experts in the field. 

Only Trained Applicators:   Pebble Tec’s pool finish applicators are all licensed professionals.  Superior and on-going training is required of Pebble Tec employees to insure a dependable pool finish for you. 

The Best Warranty:   Pebble Tech has the strongest and greatest warranty in the pool finishing industry.  

Finish Type Selection:   Pebble Tec offers four of the best quality pool finishes.  Pebble Tec, Pebble Sheen, Pebble Fina, and Bead Crete.  Plus, Bead Crete includes the option for three different series: Crystal Series, Fiesta Series, and Luminous Series. 

You can use Pebble Tec pool finishes for your new pool or for your old pool that needs a new remodel.  Pebble Tec builders and applicators will be able to work with whatever situation you have, including commercial sized pools.  

Pebble Tech pool resurfacing costs are typically less than any nearby pool resurfacing companies and individual contractors.  Pebble Tec’s worldwide business enables them to lower their prices for you.  You get all of the high quality work and materials that come with the international company, at a price that is much lower than the local and regional company levels.