DIY Pool Resurfacing

Do you enjoy spending time in and around your pool but notice that it is not in as good of condition as it use to be? Over time the surface of your pool will begin to crack and chip, grow algae, and become stained. In order to keep your pool clean, good looking, and safe for you it is important to resurface it. It can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to resurface your pool if you have to hire someone to do it for you.

It may seem like an intimidating task to attempt to resurface the pool on your own, but it is much more cost effective to do it yourself. The price can be cut by thousands if you are up for the task of doing it yourself. With the right preparation do it yourself pool resurfacing is not only possible but by far the way to go.

Before actually resurfacing the pool is the most important step which is preparation. If this step is done incorrectly then there is a good chance that the do it yourself pool resurfacing project will be a disaster. First you must drain the pool of water then allow time for it to dry. Power wash and acid wash the pool being sure to rinse and allow time to dry. If pieces of the old surface are chipping off, remove those pieces and apply a bonding layer over the rough spots.

Then use plaster over the bonding layer in order to smooth out the areas that were chipped. When applying the plaster do not pour it over the whole surface of the pool at one time because it is very difficult for one person to handle alone. Therefore you should divide the pool into sections using tile for barriers. This is done because plaster will not stick together once dry. The plaster should be around three eighths inches thick. Then allow the plaster to “cure”, or dry for anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks. Of course there will be a few areas that are flawed and need to be patched or “cut out”. Be sure to pick a patching material that will be able to bond the old and new plaster together seamlessly.

With a good deal of patients, a good do it yourself kit and guide there is no reason not to resurface your own pool. Though this might take time, it will save a great deal of money and can achieve the same results as a hired professional. Without a doubt after a curtain amount of time and wear and tear, every pool will need to be resurfaced in order to keep you safe, prolong the life of your pool, as well as keep you pool as beautiful as it was when you first installed it.